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Questions about Ethics

What is ethics?

How can someone judge what is ethical?

Who judges what is right and wrong?

Does ethics differ between age groups?

Does ethics differ between cultures?

Has ethics changed over time?

Can there be evidence provided for what is right and wrong?

Can something immoral be considered ethical?

Can ethics be measured?

How can ethics be measured?

What is the most common ethical situation?

Is it okay to blame something unethical on religion?

How can a conversation about ethics take place with differing ethics?

Are there any ethical situations that are universally accepted?

Are there any unethical situations universally accepted?

Is ethics important?

How is ethics important?

Are people always making ethical choices?

How can one decide which choice is ethical?

Is the decision based on society?

Or is the decision based on themselves?

What is the line between ethical and unethical?

Does this apply to everyone?


Questions about Beauty

What is beauty?

Can beauty be measured?

How can beauty be measured?

Is beauty the same for everyone?

Does beauty change over time?

Can something be beautiful and ugly at the same time?

What it the most important type of beauty?

Is natural beauty considered more important that unnatural beauty?

Does something beautiful have to be colorful?

Can something black and white be beautiful?

No Grades in School

What do you think would happen if there no grades in school- or if the IB diploma did not culminate with a series of tests and quantitative results- would you work less hard, harder, about the same? 

If there were no grades, tests, or results of any kind at school, I think that I would work less hard than I do now. This is because I work hard right now so that I can achieve good grades, and hope that those good grades will help me get into a good university. However if there are no grades, then I would have no incentive to work hard as I am not receiving anything out of it. Also, in all of my classes, the reason I listen is so that I can understand and be prepared for the test. However if there were to be no tests or results  then I would have no motivation to learn in every single class, I would only listen to those that are interesting to me. So, if there were no grades in school, then I think I would have neither motivation nor incentive to learn as much as I do with grades and results.