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Tuesday, April 26

Overall, I think that the table tennis unit was fun. First of all, I learned the proper ready position, as shown in the picture below.

My knees are bent and my arm is extended out so that I am ready to receive the ball. Also, I am putting my weight on the balls of my feet (not too much though) and this way I am ready around to move to hit the ping pong ball.

I was also really able to improve my serves and shots. I never realized that my serves were illegal. I never threw the ball 6 inches before I served, however this unit I learned that I have to in order for my serve to be legal so I was able to improve this. Also, my serves used to bounce very high but now I able to get my serves to go low consistently and most importantly, I am able to serve consistently. I have also improved my defensive shots such as the push shot. This shot has been extremely helpful because every time my opponent smashes the ball or spins it, using this shot, I am often able to receive the shot and send it back to the other side instead of loosing a point. I am also able to smash the ball several times. Though it is not very consistent, I am able to do it most of the times and sometimes I am able to keep it low so that it is hard for the opponent to hit the ball back to me as well. Lastly, I am still struggling with my spin shots. I am sometimes able to spin the ball, but it is not consistent. It goes to random spots on the table and sometimes completely off the table.

The activities in class have also been very helpful. At first, we were allowed to choose who we wanted to challenge. However we started to play people that we have never played before. I think that this was useful because I was able to play people with different skill levels and improve my own techniques by watching them. I also learned the proper technique of playing doubles which is where each partner has to alternate hitting the ball. This way each person can make sure they are hitting the ball and not just having one partner hit the ball each time. I am glad that I learned table tennis this year because it was very fun and educational experience.


Thursday, April 21

Today, we finished up our doubles tournament. I think that the double tournament was a lot of fun. Though me and Subin did not come first or second, I had a lot of fun playing with her and others because watching the techniques of others in table tennis helped me improve mine and also it gives me a chance to interact with other people. Also, choosing who to play randomly, in my opinion, is better than picking ourselves because I am not only playing my friends and people I have already played, but new people and this really allows me to improve my skills. During the games, I am now able to include smashes in my attack shots but I think I still use more defensive shots than offensive shots. I tend to use push shots instead of using opportunities to smash or put spin on the ball. I still hope to improve this so that I can attack as much as I can since that is really the best way to gain a point.

Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 20

Yesterday, we started playing doubles table tennis. There are some rules in doubles that are quite different from singles. For instance, the lines that divide the table in half are now very important to the game. Also, each serve should start from the right side of the table and should go diagonally to the left side of the table on the opposite end. However, what stays the same is that each server will still have two serves, regardless of whether they miss or it goes to the other side, and then it is passed to the other team then to the first server’s partner, then to the opponent’s partner.

In doubles, each player must alternate hitting the ball. The video below shows the technique in which my partner, Subin, and I alternated hitting the ball.

Each player has to hit the ball once in a proper order. For example if me and Subin are partners and we play against two other people, Person 1 and Person 2, we need to make sure that everyone hits the ball. If I serve the ball, Person 1 must hit back, then Subin must hit, the Person 2 must hit, then I must hit and this pattern has to continue. Whether we gain or miss the point, I must serve again because I have two serves and when I have done both serves, the serve goes to Person 1. Each time my partner and I hit the ball, we need to make sure that we get out of each other’ way. As shown in the video above, when I hit the ball, I move to the left so that Subin can hit the ball freely, then Subin does the same so I can hit the ball and the pattern repeats on and on. This gives us more space to properly receive the ball instead of being squished next to each other on the end of the table.

After this, we started playing a double tournament. Double tournaments are fun because you now have someone to play with and help you receive the ball and stay active. It is also helpful because you can learn techniques from your double partner because they are on the same side as you.

Thursday, April 7

Today I was able to practice my smash and I think that I was able to get the hang of it. However, it still needs a lot of work if I want to use this during games because this shot is very inconsistent for me.

First of all, it is important to get into the ready position. This means having your knees bent and your racket ready to receive.

Next, it is important to keep your arms straight when you are smashing instead of flicking your wrist.

Lastly, it is important to angle your racket on top of the ball and swing over and down on the ball to make it go down on the other side. Also it is important to follow through by swinging the paddle across your chest and using your full body weight when smashing the ball to have power in this shot.

In this video, I tried to put all the steps to smash together. However, I noticed that I am not keeping my arms straight and am instead flicking my wrist as I am hitting the smash. This is causing my smash to be one that is receivable which is the opposite of what I want.

A new thing that we learned this class was putting top spin on the ball. The top spin is useful in buying yourself time because it goes high and bouces straight to the opponent and can be confusing. This causes the opponent to use a defensive shot instead of an offensive shot which leaves you time to get back to the ready position. To execute the top spin, you bend your knees, bend back slightly, bring your arms back behind your back, instead of hitting the ball, brush the ball from the bottom of the racket to the top to create spin, and swing your shoulders at the same time and bring your racket all the way up to the height of your head so that you have a good follow through. I was not able to do this shot at all during class and kept on either missing the ball or creating no spin on the shot. This shot is one I am definitely going to have to practice a lot to be able to use during a game.

Wednesday, April 6

Today, we reviewed skills that we learned in the previous classes. We started off with serving. Today I was able to get my serves to go lower.

As shown in this video (though it is flipped), I tried to serve as low as possible so that it would be hard for my opponent to receive the ball. I also tried to aim at the very end of the opposite side of the table so that the opponent wouldn't receive very well since the ball will be really close to their body. One thing that I need to work on is making sure that I throw the ball 6 inches before I serve because I barely did that in this video and if I don't in a game, it will be considered an illegal serve.

Another thing that I really worked on was trying to put spin on the ball as I was rallying with others. This was not entirely successful as I lost many points in the rally because I was not consistent with the spin, but several times it did give me an advantage. I think that if I really concentrate and practice this shot, I will be able to really improve and possibly master it so that I can use this to my advantage as much as I want. I also practiced my smashes. However, my smashes do not go straight on the table and instead fly off somewhere to the sides. I think this is because I do not fully rotate my shoulders. Because of this, my smashes are not very good. I hope that I can also master this technique because it is a very good offensive shot.

Tuesday, April 5

Today, I learned more rules about several tactics and improved on many areas. I took the table tennis quiz at the end of last class and learned many rules for serving that I did not before. Firstly, I did not know that you have to toss the ball at least 6 inches before you serve it. Knowing this rule, I was able to improve my serves and make sure that I was not doing an illegal one. At the beginning of class, I tried to switch up my serves. I sometimes served it low or high and to the left or right to confuse my opponent. I am also getting more consistent in getting my serves to skim the net. I tried to put spin on my ball while serving and playing, but I am still struggling with this technique. I think it is important to spin the ball because while playing the game, one of my opponents kept putting spin on the ball and I was not able to receive them most of the time. This made me realize that to be able to spin the ball is a really big advantage during the game.

Another technique I learned today was learning to smash. To smash it is important to keep you knees bent, angle your racket on top of the ball, swing over and down on the ball, keep your wrist and arm straight, following through by swinging the paddle across your chest and putting your full body weight into the paddle to have power. I am very inconsistent with this tactic. While practicing with a partner, my smashes wouldn’t go on the table and would land somewhere far off. I was able to hit it a few times but I believe that I really need to improve on this tactic because it is a very important offensive strategy and without this I will just be at a defensive position. One other skill I have to improve is making my push shots go lower.

I think that it was fun and helpful to play games with people of different skill levels today. This is because I can practice new strategies and improve watching others do a skill successfully and can also practice defending well aimed shots.


Thursday, March 31

Today I practiced my serving and drop shot. I can get my serves over the net most of the times but I think that I need to practice a little more so that I can consistently get it to the other side. I also want to be able to serve low so that it barely skims the net. This way, I can make it harder for my opponent to receive and attack the ping pong ball. Right now my serves go high so I think that if I practice angling my racket lower, I might be able to get my serves to go lower. I practiced this during class today and was able to do this a few times however it was not consistent. I also learned the push shot today. My push shots unfortunately go too high so I also need to work on angling my racket so that it goes straight back to the opponent. I also want to learn to flick my wrist so that my push shots go to the other side fast and are hard for my opponent to receive.  One last thing that I want to be able to improve on is slicing the ball. Every time I try, the ping pong goes all over the place. I hope that I will be able to master this skill by the end of the table tennis unit.