9.3b Reproduction in Angiospermophytes

Chapter 10 questions 

1ai. Plants increase the sugar concentration by active transport in sugar.

1aii. This creates a higher solute concentration as water is drawn in by osmosis.

1bi. As the sucrose increases, the percentage of oligosaccharides also increases. At the beginning, it remains constant, it starts increasing at 0.25 mol of sucrose then at 0.5 mol of sucrose it begins to become constant once again.

1bii. This can be done to reduce water loss from the gut cells by osmosis.

2a. Apical meristems allow stem and root growth

2b. The bulbs allow for food storage.

2c. Cotyledons store food in the seeds.


e. The palisade mesophyll allows photosynthesis to occur.

f. PFR stimulates or inhibits flowering depending on whether the plants are short-day plants or long-day plants.

g. The spongy mesophyll allows for gas exchange

h. The tendrils support the plant

i. The waxy cuticle reduces water loss

j. The xylem helps transport water throughout the plant.


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