Monthly Archives: March 2011

Thursday, March 31

Today I practiced my serving and drop shot. I can get my serves over the net most of the times but I think that I need to practice a little more so that I can consistently get it to the other side. I also want to be able to serve low so that it barely skims the net. This way, I can make it harder for my opponent to receive and attack the ping pong ball. Right now my serves go high so I think that if I practice angling my racket lower, I might be able to get my serves to go lower. I practiced this during class today and was able to do this a few times however it was not consistent. I also learned the push shot today. My push shots unfortunately go too high so I also need to work on angling my racket so that it goes straight back to the opponent. I also want to learn to flick my wrist so that my push shots go to the other side fast and are hard for my opponent to receive.  One last thing that I want to be able to improve on is slicing the ball. Every time I try, the ping pong goes all over the place. I hope that I will be able to master this skill by the end of the table tennis unit.