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What Constitutes our Identity?

There are a lot of things that constitutes our identity. It is not just our name or our birthday but it has much more to it. It can be our nationality, religion, family, friends, environment, and so much more. It is really just what has shaped us to be the person we are. To learn more about this idea, we read a short story called “The Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber”. In this story the main character, Francis Macomber, is shown as a very affluent person that has never actually seen many hardships in his life. All of a sudden, when he goes to a safari, he sees a lion and runs away because he was too much of a coward to face the lion. This is not actually his fault because he was probably brought up as a person who was very spoiled and never faced any of his fears. When all of a sudden he had to face something, he became a coward because it was not something he was use to. Through this, one can see the relevance to identity because one of the things that constitutes your identity is facing fears and your environment. Because Francis Macomber was brought up in an environment where everything was done for him and he had no hardships, he never faced his fears until he was in the safari. Facing fears is really important for someone to become more confident with themselves and the world and more brave, something that Macomber never did. However, as the story goes along, when Francis starts to hunt bulls, all of a sudden he transitions from a man running away from lions to a man excited by the fact of hunting bulls. This changes his whole identity because from a coward, he becomes a brave man comfortable with the idea of facing his fears.

The idea of identity effects me in many ways. Discussing ideas that constitutes our identity and reading the short story of Fraancis Macomber, I figured out that I am in a way similar to Francis Macomber. I haven’t really faced any hardships in my life. I have lived a pretty comfortable life because I receive a good education and have a great family that takes good care of me. However, the only hardship I have really faced in when my grandmother passed away. This was a fear that I didn’t get to choose if I wanted to face it or not but I have never faced something where I deliberately put myself in a position of fear so that I can overcome it. I think that doing this would be a good idea because if I ever come across this again, I would be ready to face that fear again. One of my biggest fears is public speaking. To overcome this, I think that I will join a speech club so that I can overcome this fear and be able to emerge myself in a uncomfortable situation. Learning about identity has definitely taught me a lot about myself and my surrounding.


Current Event Article #2- Toyota Mini Cars

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I chose an article called “Toyota to Enter Japan’s Minicar Market”. This article states how Toyota Motor Corp. is going to start selling mini cars produced by its subsidiary company Daihatsu Moto Co., Ltdbecause of the growing demand for mini cars in Japan. The two concepts that I applied to this article are incentives and entrepreneurship.


To begin with, an incentive is something that encourages someone to do something. Normally, it is used in a positive way and not in a bad way. This term is shown in this article. Toyota Motor Corp. is a very large and successful car company and is known world wide. Because it is such a popular company, many people are constantly buying or considering to buy cars from this company. Also, mini cars are also very popular cars. “Minicars are popular in Japan for their lower price tag, fuel costs and taxes, and it currently comprise about one third of the country’s annual auto sales.” This article shows incentives in two ways. One, it convinces people that buy Toyota Motor Corp. cars to consider buying mini cars because the company is going to start selling them. Second, it convinces people that buy mini cars to consider buying other Toyota Motor Corp. cars since Toyota will be selling mini cars. Because in both situations this article is giving people incentives to buying Toyota mini cars and other Toyota cars, incentive is clearly applicable to this article.


Last of all, entrepreneurship is “the organizational abilities and risk taking involved in starting a new business or introducing a new product” (economic resources, incentives, and profits, Page 1) and it is also one of the four factors or production. There is definitely entrepreneurship shown in this article. “Toyota Motor Corp.(TMC) plans to enter the mini-vehicle market in Japan for the first time.” This shows that this is the first time that Toyota Motor Corp. has decided to sell mini cars. This is entrepreneurship because it is a new idea for this company and definitely has its risks. Though the customers are demanding for it, the product may not live up to the expectations of the consumers and could definitely loose money for company, especially with the amount of money and time Toyota and its subsidiary company Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. will put into making the mini cars. However if all goes well, this new idea of selling mini cars will definitely give Toyota Motor Corp. financial gain. Because this is a new idea for Toyota Motor Corp. and it involves risks, entrepreneurship can be applied to this article.


I chose this article because I thought that it was important to do something about Japan since that is where I am currently living. Toyota is a big car industry in Japan so I decided to look at current news about Toyota and came across this article. I chose the terms incentives and entrepreneurship because I thought that these terms were really expressed in this article. Incentives was clearly shown because Toyota selling mini cars attracts and gives incentives to both consumers of Toyota cars and mini cars to buy Toyota mini cars. Also, entrepreneurship was shown because the idea of selling mini cars was a new idea to Toyota and because there are many risks involved for the company, entrepreneurship is clearly evident in this article.

What are the Pieces of a Well Developed Body Paragraph for a Commentary

The Nine Tailors- Body Paragraph #1

In the first paragraph of this passage, the start of Wimsey’s extreme tension is introduced. Through the use of similes and word choice, Sayers creates images to give a sense of the apprehension Wimsey is feeling. The simile “bells fell about his ears like the blows from a thousand beating hammers” is used in line 4-5.  By using “blows from a thousand beating hammers”, the audience receives a vivid image of what Wimsey is going through and gets a feeling of the intensity of the noise. Sayers also uses words such as “frenzied” (line 2), “drenched” (line 6) and “drunken” (line 6), “rocked” (line 6), “reeled” (line 6), “staggered” (line 6), “stunned” (line 7), and “shaken” (line 7), to give a sense of the confusion and alarm that Wimsey must be feeling. Through the literary devices such as similes and word choice, Sayers initiates the start of Wimsey’s anxiety as well as other moments as well.

To make a good body paragraph, there needs to be a topic sentence, supporting sentences, explanations and it needs to be sophisticated. The first sentence of the body paragraph should be the topic sentence. This sentence should be directly related to the thesis and explain what the rest of the paragraph is going to be about. The next sentence should introduce the first point. Then, there should be a quote with a line number that is an example of the first point. The quote should not be a sentence on it own and instead, should be introduced. Following the quote should be the explanation of the example and how this particular example creates an effect. Then the next point should be introduced and should follow the same format as the first example and this same format should be used every time a new point is introduced. The last sentence of the paragraph should restate the significance of the paragraph and should also transition to the next paragraph. This paragraph should use sophisticated language. It should not have a sentence beginning with “the next example is…”, but rather something that makes the paragraph sound interesting to read and refined. If all these steps are followed, the outcome will be a excellent body paragraph.