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Planning a dance

Planning a party can be pretty hard work. Especially if there is a limit to the amount of money you can spend on it. This is the problem that my group encountered. How can we find a way to plan a party spending only the $9,365 we have? My group and I started off thinking of what would make a better party, music, location, or food. This time we did not have to come up with the alternatives ourselves because they were on a sheet we were given in class. We realized that they were all important for a party so we started off with the first one on the list, music. Some of our group members wanted hard rock music while others wanted rap music but we didn’t want to spend too much money on the music and not have enough for another area. We made criteria for coming up with our final decision. The criteria was quality, entertaining, unforgettable, and within price range. We either gave the alternatives in this category a + or a – based on whether it fit the category or not. The same went for the location and food category. We had to put aside preferences aside and compromise on what fit our criteria the best and what wouldn’t take money away from spending on another category. Our final decisions were Good Vibrations for the music, The Hilton Hotel for the location, and the $3000 catered menu for the food.

During this planning process, we made many trade offs for all the categories of expenditures. A trade off is giving up some of one thing to get more of another. For example, in the music category, we gave up a really good live band (Our Rage), which was $5000 and settled for Good Vibrations ($2000) so that we would have more money to spend for a good location. We basically gave up better music for a better location but did not give up all of the music because we still spent quite a bit on it, just not too much. We also had many opportunity costs. Opportunity costs are when we choose the next best alternative. For example, for the location we decided on the Hilton hotel because though we wanted The Knob Hill Country Club, it was too expensive and would take away money to spend on the food. We gave up Knob Hill Country Club and kept Hilton Hotel in favor of saving money so the Knob Hill Country Club was the opportunity cost. Also, on the music category, we gave up the idea of having a live band so that we could use good vibrations instead and save money for another category so the live band was our opportunity cost in this category. Lastly, in the food category, we chose the $3000 catered choice instead of the package deal so the package deal was our opportunity cost of this decision. We made all our decisions by following the steps of the PACED decision- making model.


Chocolate Bar Activity

In our social studies class, we recently did an activity which required us to choose the best way to determine which student in the class can get the chocolate bar our teacher brought to class. Our problem was that the chocolate bar was scarce because it was a limited resource but every student in the class wanted it, in other words there was an infinite number of desires for the chocolate bar.  Because of the scarcity of the chocolate bar, we started off discussing options for determining the allocation, or distribution, of the chocolate bar with our groups. We then discussed all the options with the whole class and then listed all the ways for determining the winner. We chose options like the fastest runner, the person with the best grades, the person who was absent the most or least, the oldest or youngest person and so on. Based on these choices, we voted on our final five, a lottery, the person with the least amount of money on them, a fun bowl, the person who was absent the least, and the oldest person. To choose the best choice from these five, we as a class came with a criteria. The four criteria were fairest (no way to cheat), shows ability or talent or is deserving, is proven or reliable, and there can only be one winner. We then chose the weight we wanted for each of the criteria individually. We did this because some of the criteria were more important than others and to make a rational decision, we needed to make sure we were judging it correctly. For example for me, I believed that being fair was one of the most important criteria because if the decision was not fair, then the person does not actually deserve the chocolate bar. After this, we evaluated each alternative and either gave a + or a – depending on whether the option fit the criteria or not. As well as the criteria, we also had to discuss the economic reasoning or economic behavior because its important to analyze the costs and benefits of each alternative before making the decision of who gets to have the chocolate bar. With our groups then the whole class, based on the criteria, we then decided on which option we should use to determine the winner of the chocolate bar. In our class, we decided upon a fun bowl. This is because the fun bowl is very fair because there was no way to cheat. Our teacher made the quiz so she could not have made it to anyone’s advantage. Though there could have been more than one winner, the chances of that were very low. Also, the fun bowl was deserving because the person who actually tried to answer all the questions would turn out to be the winner. Lastly, the fun bowl is proven and reliable because our teacher will make the quiz and no one will know what is going to be on it before hand.

To make all these decisions, we followed the steps of the PACED decision- making model. Our problem was deciding who got the chocolates, our alternatives were lottery, fun bowl, oldest, least absent, and the person with the least money on them, our criteria was fairest, shows ability or talent or is deserving, is proven or reliable, and there can only be one winner, we evaluated them with either a + or a – , and our final decision was using a fun bowl to make our choice on who gets the chocolate.


My Learning Style

I do not really have a strong point for my learning style. However, my highest is verbal linguistic and logical- mathematical. I think that this is true to some extent. I am pretty verbal because I really enjoy reading, word games, and I have a pretty decent memory. However, I do not enjoy writing that much. Also, I think that I am a bit of a logical mathematical person. I do not enjoy math that much but I do organize things and I do wonder about things that most people wouldn’t. My lowest learning style is musical. I also think this is true because I like listening to music but I don’t really like singing or writing songs. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with how my results turned out.

My Personal Literary History

The Kite Runner

Of all the books I have read in my life, only a few have truly impacted me. For instance, The Kite Runner by Khalad Hosseini, a book I read in 9th grade, really taught me about friendship. At first, I was a little hesitant to read this book because I didn’t find it that interesting. However, as I got on with this book, I realized how inspiring this book is and how much it taught me. This book shows the relationship between Amir and Hassan. Hassan and his father worked for Amir’s family for a long time until one unfortunate day when Hassan gets raped and Amir does nothing to help him though he was near him. After this event, Amir could not face Hassan anymore and got him fired. As the years went by, Amir was always overcome with the guilt of betraying his best friend in his time of need. One day he gets a call from his father’s business partner telling him that Hassan and his wife were dead and their son was now an orphan. Amir, trying to get rid of his guilt, decides to adopt Hassan’s son. Through Amir’s experiences and mistakes, I learned about friendship. After reading this book, I learned that one should do anything they can to help a friend when they need help. Before I read this book, I didn’t realize how big the consequences of one secret could be. Amir kept the secret so long that he was never able to get rid of the guilt of betraying Hassan. Now I know that if my friend is in danger, I should help them no matter what because that is what true friendship is. I can relate to this book because we are around the same age as Amir and Hassan were at the beginning of the book when they friendship started to collapse.

Book Review for The Kite Runner

The Harry Potter Series

Other books that changed my life were the Harry Potter series by J.k. Rowling. I was inspired to read these books when I was at a bookstore on the day the last book had come out. I always knew that these books were popular but I never bothered to read them. After watching my friends and cousins buying the last book, I decided to give the series a shot. Reading these books was a really good idea because it taught me about life and trust and really changed my perspective on the world. In this series, Harry Potter risks his life multiple times to save others. For example, in the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry decides to give up his life because it is the only way Lord Voldemort could have been destroyed. Doing this, Harry showed a tremendous amount of courage. He was willing to give up his life to save others around him and finally destroy Lord Voldemort. Reading these books, I realize that I should do whatever it takes to help the people I love.

Harry Potter also taught me to trust and give second chances. Harry always doubted whether Snape was actually trying to help him or whether he was still on Voldemort’s side even though he knew Dumbledore trusted Snape. In the end, Snape did turned out to be a good person who was helping Harry the whole time. Through Harry’s mistakes and doubts, I learned to trust others. This changed me because though people may not look trustworthy, it doesn’t mean that they are not. People make mistakes and deserve second chances to be able to fix them.

Book Review for Harry Potter

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The last book that inspired me was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. I read this book when I was in 5th grade in school. In this book, Willy Wonka, the owner of a chocolate factory placed five golden tickets to his factory in five lucky chocolate bars. The main character, Charlie, was one of the winners. As he goes to the chocolate factory with his grandfather, he meets the four other winners, all of which were very spoiled and greedy. Because the other four characters were very greedy, while visiting the rooms of the factory, they all had something terrible happen to them. The only child who stayed normal was Charlie because he was the only one who was not greedy and was content with what he was given. This book changed me because it shaped me as a person. I learned that you should accept what others give you. When I was little, I used to be very greedy and was never satisfied with what my parents gave me. After I read this book, I realized that I should have just accepted what I was given.

Book Review for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

My G10 English Expectations

My expectations for English are to improve my essay writing. I hope that I will be able to improve my writing such as being able to use more vocabulary words and being able to write concise sentences. I am excited about this class because I really want to improve my English and this class allows me to do so. I learn best from in class discussions. This is because it allows me to communicate with my peers and learn through their opinions. I think that reflecting on my learning helps me improve because I can see where I have gone wrong and improve on that next time.

Land of the Freaks

A history of rock icons: Land of the Freaks
After meeting while creative writing majors at their college in Los Angeles, Land of the Freaks rose to the pinnacle of the rock scene in 2008 with their debut album, Freedom is Chaos. The band’s latest album, Unafraid of Change, combines Javeri’s blue-collar anthems with unhinged power chords to evoke a record full of heart-pounding post-punk. With standout tracks like “Out of Our Hands,” look for Land of the Freaks to be a major leader in the rock landscape for years to come.

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